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Department of Business and Economics

Bachelor seminar

Course of study:  Bachelor
Module: Module 11: Wissenstransfer
Lecturer: Linnemann / Ivens
Credits: 5 Credits (+ 2 Credits for "Scientific Working")
Type: seminar
Type of examination: written seminar paper and presentation
Language: german / english
Type of application: informal via E-mail (deadline see Faculty pages)
Start date: first week of lecture period

Contribution to the seminar

The contribution to the seminar consists in writing a seminar paper (12-15 pages) and holding a respective presentation.

The baseline literature focuses on recent applied-empirical research concerning economic theory and policy.  This may e.g. be studies examining the economic effects of recent events as the Brexit or the Covid-pandemic. Starting point is the given literature reference. Your main task is

  • reflecting the ideas given in the baseline literature in own words and in an understandable manner, and
  • finding related literature and summarizing it adequately.

The seminar paper can be written either in German or in English.

Prior knowledge

There is no prior knowledge obligatory.  Nevertheless, attending or having concluded the lecture „Geldpolitik“ or „Angewandte Ökonometrie“ as well as prior knowledge regarding statistical methods (e.g. by attending „Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung“) are recommended.


  • Allocation of topics takes place at start of the lecture period
  • Attending the course „Scientific Working“ which takes place in 2 or 3 meetings scheduled for the first weeks of the lecture period (obligatory for students of '"Business administration and economics" only)
  • Submission and respective discussion of a first writing sample as well as the outline of the seminar paper in the first third of completion period
  • Submission of the seminar paper is due in the last weeks of the lecture period (exact date will be announced in the first meeting)
  • Holding the presentation and actively attending to the presentations of the other seminar participants (one meeting scheduled in the last weeks of the lecture period, exact date will be announced in the first meeting)


  • Seminar: 5 Credits
  • Scientific Working: 2 Credits (only for students of "Business Administration and Economics")

Application deadlines

  • For students of "Business administration and economics": At start of semester. Please note application deadlines given at the faculty pages (informal application via E-mail to Annika Ivens)
  •  For students of "Industrial engineering" or "Business Mathematics":  up to 3 weeks after start of lecture period (please contact Annika Ivens)