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Department of Business and Economics

Seminar "Applied Monetary Economics"

Course of study: Master
Module: Applied Economics I
Lecturer: Linnemann
Credits: 4 Credits
Type: seminar
Language: german / english
Type of examination: seminar paper and presentation

Prior knowledge

The seminar is part of Module "Applied Economics I". The lecture "Applied Monetary Economics" and the seminar belong together and cannot be taken individually.

Date and proceedings

  • The exact starting date for the seminar will be announced in the first meeting of the lecture
  • The individual topics as well as further information about the proceedings will be provided in the first meeting of the seminar
  • Submission of seminar paper and presentation will be due at the end of the lecture period (exact date will be announced in the first meeting)

Type of examination

The contribution to the seminar consists in writing a seminar paper and holding a respective presentation, based on the literature given. The main task is reflecting the ideas given in the baseline literature in own words and in an understandable manner. Furthermore, related literature should be found and summarized. The seminar paper can be written either in German or in English.